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What is the best transitional jacket this Spring?

With Winter almost done, and Spring right on its heels, it’s already time to start thinking of how to update one’s wardrobe for the warmer temperatures and brighter spirits of the upcoming season. As tacky as it may sound to associate Spring with rebirth and all that happy jazz, it certainly is the most apt description of [...]

What should I wear for Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this post should come as to no surprise. Despite how tacky Valentine’s Day may seem, it still remains an excellent opportunity to impress that special someone, and show them just how much you care for them. With that said, the key to dressing up for Valentine’s Day is [...]

How can I wear a puffer vest?

Though Winter has yet to officially end, the beginning of February nonetheless spells the imminent arrival of Spring. Accordingly, with the weather becoming more and more pleasant with each passing day, this is definitely the perfect opportunity to experiment with different manners of layering warm pieces so as to reduce some of the sometimes excessive winter bulk. [...]

Are there any other types of winter jackets I can wear?

As the third and final installment in the mini-series on winter jackets, this post follows the theme of ideal winter coats discussed in last week’s post and that of the week before. Though menswear usually tends to be less varied as womenswear, that statement couldn’t be any more false when it comes to outerwear. Even [...]

What other styles of winter jackets can I wear?

Though the two styles of winter jackets described in last week’s post are certainly two of the most stylish designs currently on the market, they thankfully aren’t the only ones available for purchase this winter season. The great thing about winter jackets is, though they can sometimes be seen as rather pricey purchases, they truly [...]

Which winter coat should I wear this winter?

Though we’re already a couple of months into winter, thankfully, only now have we begun to really feel the cold effects of the season. Accordingly, with the many different styles of winter jackets that are currently being offered, there truly is no better time than now to take advantage of the wide selection and also [...]

How to wear a turtleneck sweater?

Though, in past years, turtleneck sweaters have regrettably been dismissed as archaic garments only fit for uptight, old people, it’s recent rise in popularity in menswear is certainly a testament to how that statement couldn’t be any more false. Owing to its formal roots, the turtleneck sweater has revealed itself to be both adequate for [...]

How to wear a flannel shirt this winter?

Though flannel shirts are usually associated with lumberjacks and uber-outdoorsy men of the sort, there certainly is more to flannel shirts than people might let on. When one is able to look beyond the plaid print that they are typically featured in, it’s possible to realize that unpatterned, solid-coloured flannel shirts truly do provide a [...]

Should I wear monk-strap shoes?

As a style of dress shoes that have only recently been thrust into the limelight of menswear, monk-strap shoes have truly become the go-to shoes for the most stylish men around. Though this style of shoes is still something that is generally more seen in print than in real life, monk-strap shoes are set to [...]

How to dress for an Office Christmas Party?

With Christmas right around the corner, the many Christmas parties that accompany this time of year are also fast approaching. One of the most important of such occasions is naturally the Chirstmas office party where senior management and entry-level employees alike get to mingle and jingle to the sounds of Christmas tunes and good food. [...]