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Is it appropriate to wear a vest without a suit?

A common variation to the classic suit is the three-piece suit that is essentially a suit jacket and pants with a matching vest. Though the added element that is the vest is supposed to make a suit seem more formal (and in some cases, more suitable for weddings), the great thing about the vest is [...]

What Color Should my Suit Vest Be?

We recently received a question about how to match a gray suit with a vest. In other words, if you have a really nice gray suit, what color vest should you wear with that suit? Rather than just focus on specifics, we’ll give you some general ideas that can be applied to any color suit. [...]

Different Types of Tuxedo/Suit Vests

When choosing a tuxedo/suit vest, there are a number of different options to choose from. In this blog post we’ll talk about the different configurable elements of your vest. Fullback vs Openback Vests: The most common choice for a vest is the fullback vest. The fullback vest, as the name suggests, has a full back [...]

Should I Wear a Vest with Lapels if my Jacket already has Lapels?

A 3 piece suit is a beautiful phenomenon but you can definitely wear your suit vest without the jacket. The question, though, is that if you do, should your vest have lapels? Take a look at the following vest: Sean John Pinstriped Vest: This vest doesn’t have lapels but the following vest does: The truth [...]

Should You Wear a Vest without A Suit Jacket?

The Suit Vest… You’ve seen it before on SuitUpp. Traditionally, you’d expect to see this glorious article of clothing worn with a suit jacket – thereby making the outfit live in accordance with its association to the 3 piece suit. However, as Hollywood has begun to show us, wearing the vest without the jacket not [...]