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My wedding is coming up. Should I wear a Suit or a Tuxedo?

As one of the single most important days in any man’s life, your own wedding is one of those very few exceptions where everything┬ámust be perfect. From the location to the guestlist and even to the “just married” car, every single aspect of a wedding must be reviewed with the utmost diligence in order to [...]

How much should you gift at a Wedding? Cash gifts at Weddings.

Wedding season is in session and we’ll be writing more posts about weddings in the coming weeks. One of the questions that we hear about more often than not is how much should one gift at a wedding? Anyone that’s been to a wedding has heard of the gift registry. Some couples, when getting married, [...]

Wearing a Tuxedo to a Wedding – Should you Wear a Tux?

Wedding season is in session and so you’ll begin to see more blog posts on the topic and maybe even some relevant merchandise on In most weddings, the best man and the groomsmen will usually wear a tux. The brides maids and the maid of honor will usually wear dresses that match each other [...]

What Shoes to Wear at a Beach Wedding in Mexico – Wedding Attire.

Learn What Type of Shoes to Wear to a Beach Wedding in Mexico – Men’s Style Tips from SuitUpp.

Interpreting the Invitation Card, What to Wear? – Suits, Ties, Cufflinks, etc…

Learn how to dress based on an invitation card: Black Tie, Semi Formal, Smart Casual, Elegant Casual and more.