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When to wear cufflinks? Should I wear them to my interview?

As one of the sole examples of jewelry for men, cufflinks have the unique ability of adding a subtle touch of suave elegance to any ensemble, be it a formal tuxedo or a functional business suit. Despite the ironically understated size of this classic accessory, cufflinks are timeless pieces that truly have a great impact on an outfit [...]

Frames 101 – What kind of frames should I wear ?

In today’s business world it’s important that every individual look and feel their absolute best. Whether we would like to admit it or not, looks play a large role in our daily lives. A suit is meant to compliment character in the best way possible, think of it as an extension of one’s personality.  A [...]

Socks 101 – What type of Socks to Wear with Your Suit

Socks are such a trivial part of your attire… right? Not exactly. It is a common misconception by most men that choosing your socks doesn’t really matter. The reality is that a mismatch between your socks and the rest of your outfit will degrade your look. If you go through the effort to dress nicely [...]

The World's Most Expensive Men's Suits

While this past week’s Sean John Dark Taupe Stripe Suit was truly stunning, SuitUpp was selling it for only $295. Even though the value of the suit was above $600, it didn’t even begin to challenge some of the truly expensive suits out there. So the question is, how expensive can a suit really get [...]

Our Inaugural Blog Post

Hey Everyone, Welcome to the SuitUpp.com official Blog. Since we started selling our high fashion suits we’ve been getting many many emails asking us about specifics with regards to sizes, material, and designs of the suits that we sell on the website. We realized that its important to create a community around our store so [...]