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Different Types of Tuxedo/Suit Vests

When choosing a tuxedo/suit vest, there are a number of different options to choose from. In this blog post we’ll talk about the different configurable elements of your vest. Fullback vs Openback Vests: The most common choice for a vest is the fullback vest. The fullback vest, as the name suggests, has a full back [...]

What Kind of Tuxedo Should I Wear According to my Body Type?

Depending on your body type, you may choose to wear a different type of tuxedo in order to make you look your finest. In this post, we’ll discuss some body types and what kind of tuxedos would match them. Short and Strong Shorter men should always go with a tuxedo that has less buttons… 2 [...]

Single Breasted vs Double Breasted Tuxedos

Learn the difference between a single breasted and double breasted tuxedo and which type you should wear.